The Rowe Difference

Rowe takes full responsibility to ensure that your project is installed on time and we guarantee the highest quality work. Rowe also makes the commitment to succeed if conditions or requirements change. We understand that for us to succeed, our customer must be successful. This is our commitment and our mission.

Dependable ~ On-Schedule Installation ~ Quality ~ Price

Why take the risk with a company that is “too large” to provide individualized planning and attention? Can you really afford to take a chance with a company that is “too small” and inexperienced? In both cases, you may discover a major problem when it is “too late”! Trust the Rowe Difference.

We are large enough to perform and small enough to care! Enjoy on-schedule completion, technical support, professionalism, and the best price! Learn More
Take advantage of an experienced team with an assigned project manager. Your project will receive attention from our highly-trained team of inspectors, designers, engineers, technicians and managers all under NICET certification.Learn More
We will provide the safest and most economical system for your requirements!Learn More
We can inventory all system components and provide up to date code compliant results.Learn More
We proudly offer wet, dry, deluge, fire pump, foam, anti-freeze, and pre-action systems.Learn More
Reliable materials reduce the need for future service calls.Learn More
Rowe typically works in a 500-mile radius of Central Pennsylvania from New England to the Carolinas as well as the Mid-West, but will handle special projects beyond our typical geographic area.Learn More
Rowe always has a competent person on the other end of the line when you need help!Learn More
With most other contractors, you receive the inspection report when it is due and problems may be addressed only after they occur. Rowe’s COMMITMENT TO YOUR BUSINESS is a powerful advantage.Learn More