Rowe’s team of installers ensures that your system is installed properly. In addition, our teams do not interfere with your company’s ongoing business operations. Safety procedures are also carefully followed. For installation efficiency, Rowe’s system components are pre-fabricated by qualified vendors and everything is delivered on-site. For larger projects, materials are delivered in stages to minimize usage of floor space and to increase overall efficiency. All items are labeled according to the design for ease of installation and to minimize our time in your facility. Each project has a job leader onsite who coordinates directly with project management and the design team.  In addition, our philosophy of participatory management ensures that project management as well as other necessary team members visits your site to promote communication and streamline the installation process.

Save money! Fire prevention systems installed by certified and respected contractors can save you money every year on your insurance costs! Many of the premium insurance companies will not even consider a policy for your company unless it has a system installed which meets specific use and code requirements