Rowe offers 24/7 service. When you call, you always speak with a qualified Rowe staff member and not an automated system. During normal business hours, our friendly office staff ensure your situation will be handled as efficiently as possible. If you have an issue after normal business hours, you will speak with someone from our answering service who will directly contact one of our technicians to make sure that your situation is addressed. We are available to show up on your site to resolve the issue. Or if preferred, we can help instruct your maintenance team to make repairs as needed. Once that is accomplished, we can schedule a visit to ensure everything is resolved appropriately.

Our highly-trained team is available for small projects, repairs or emergencies including, but not limited to the following:
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Leaking Sprinkler Heads or Piping Systems
  • Inspection Deficiencies
  • Modifications to Existing Systems
  • Additions or Expansions
  • Small Construction Projects

Foremost, when you call Rowe, you speak directly with a person who will ensure that you are put in direct contact with a technician who can help any time, day or night. You can be sure that someone capable is addressing your situation. If your problem requires a site visit by Rowe, we promise that your issue will be corrected in a timely manner. YOU are our priority!

Phone: 570.837.7647
Toll-Free: 877.324.7693