Reuben Barner

Service Manager, Inspection


  • Manage all service & inspections technicians
  • Develop and maintain existing, new & future customers
  • Survey, quote & sell inspection / service work / small construction projects
  • Project manager for inspection / service / small construction projects
  • Material, sub-contractor purchaser for projects sold
  • Scheduler / planner for inspection / service work / small construction projects
  • Estimator


  • Sprinkler fitter apprenticeship training
  • Sprinkler fitter foremanship training
  • Certified backflow preventer tester & repairer
  • Certified operator of construction equipment etc. forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts & telehandlers
  • Testing of water based fire sprinkler suppression systems
  • Fire pump controller testing

For the past 24 years and counting, Reuben has lived in Northumberland, PA. In 2004, he married his beautiful wife Adrienne, and together they have 4 children – 2 boys and 2 girls. He loves spending time with his family, coaching baseball, hunting – both archery and rifle, weightlifting, and working. Reuben’s expansive training and certifications allows him to be flexible both on the shop floor and out in the field. No day is ever the same as the previous one, and this is exciting. Each day there is a new problem that needs solved or task that needs accomplished, and Reuben is happy and willing to help wherever he can.

[email protected]